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Ali Jones has been in the lactation support community since 1996 when she attended Evergreen Hospital’s (the first baby friendly hospital in the U.S.) 40 hour training program to start her lactation training.  She was working as a NICU nurse and shortly thereafter became part of the NICU lactation staff while also working as a RN.  She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2002 and has NICU, Mom/Baby, and outpatient lactation consulting experience.  

Ali is passionate about trying to help babies achieve optimal oral function.  She also wants parents to feel supported in their infant feeding journey, and to provide up-to-date lactation information.

Ali is the mother to 5 children, wife, RN, IBCLC and health podcast junkie.  She loves learning from western, eastern, and functional medicine practitioners and thinks they all have something they can learn from each other! 

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