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Anne has always wanted to be a nurse but never a baby nurse! After having her first baby she fell in love with the world of lactation. Her nursing career took a big change and newborn ICU, postpartum, and well-baby units became her specialty. She found a passion in helping moms and babies along their journey. That journey has led her through much study of oral function, lactation, the whole body of a newborn, and how moms and babies fit together. There is always more to learn and she will continue to study! 
Anne believes all parents should be supported as they bring their baby into the world. The more you know the more confident you will be! She has made it her life work to teach those on the journey of parenthood. 


When not working with babies Anne can be found managing her crazy household with four children who are extremely busy. Running from soccer games to dance and back again. In her “spare” time she loves breeding dogs and raising puppies. Believe me there is plenty of time to use her lactation expertise in this area as well!  

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