Myofunctional Therapy

30 Minute Initial Consultation
$50 which is put towards your treatment plan

Myofunctional therapy uses a combination of exercises to improve the bite, breathing, and facial posture of those with orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs). The training targets the face, neck, and mouth's soft tissues to reach optimal tongue position and oral rest posture. OMDs can affect people of all ages, 
and treatment is customized based on your age and symptoms. (

What to Expect During A Consultation

- After signing up the first assessment visit is 90 min, with following visits usually 30-45 min. 
- Full Myofunctional Therapy treatment is 6 months-1 year in length depending on severity.
- Cost is $1000, with $500 due the first visit and then $100/month for the next 5 months.  

- We give you a superbill to send to your insurance to see if they will cover some/all of the cost.  We also accept HSA accounts. 

To schedule, please call 801-923-4122 or web chat in the bottom right corner