About Us

Helping Families Day by Day

We are all passionate about helping babies and families achieve their best health.  We have been on a journey that for Anne, Ali & Sherri began as NICU nurses that led to becoming lactation consultants which then led to more education in oral function.  We teamed up with Dr. Chuck as we all began learning more and more about tongue ties.  We realized the need in our community for a team of practitioners who could stay up to date on current research and evidence based practices. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families through collaborative health care.  Our model centers around providers working together to provide a team approach in a clinical setting.   We want parents and professionals to know that their trust in us is an honor that we take seriously.  We are constantly seeking out new learning opportunities and evidence based research to further our knowledge and bring you the best services we can offer.

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