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Taylor Silver


Taylor has had a passion for women’s health and infant development since she was a young girl. She gained an interest in nutrition after living abroad and decided to study to be a Registered Dietitian at Utah State University. She began her career at Primary Children’s Hospital where she expanded her knowledge in pediatric nutrition. When she had a baby of her own, she dove into the world of lactation and completed the lactation education program through Portland State University. She was mentored under Anne and Sherri and became an IBCLC in Spring 2023. 

One of her biggest joys in life has been providing her son nourishment, first prenatally, then with breastmilk and followed by watching him explore the world of solid foods. Her goal is to utilize her areas of expertise to educate and support women in nourishing their own babies. She believes that feeding and nutrition during the first few years of life can drastically impact someone’s lifelong relationship with food and overall health. 

Outside of baby stuff, Taylor loves exploring the outdoors, yoga, cooking and finding ways to live more simply and sustainably. 

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