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Breastfeeding with my third was the HARDEST. I was so uncomfortable and so was my baby. I wanted to give up but then I found Anne. She discovered that my baby was suffering from a severe tongue tie and had it clipped right then. She made me feel super comfortable through it all. It was an immediate relief for baby and i. She helped me so much, was available when i had questions and was so supportive. I couldn’t have done it without her.


You gave me the courage and guidance to just go for it with breastfeeding. As a first time mom, having a baby in the NICU, and being on lockdown with the pandemic, I was so overwhelmed. I am so grateful for your knowledge and helping me make my journey a successful one. Going on 15 months!


Breastfeeding was always super challenging for me with my first 3 kids. I would give it a go and the lactation specialists at the hospital would try to help. But it never lasted long. But with my 4th, these ladies made all the difference. They had so much knowledge and helpful tips. Needless to say, Breastfeeding finally worked for me! They are the best!


I already left a review but I just thought of this: My pediatrician (who I love) wasn't concerned with my baby's eating because he was gaining weight and otherwise seemed healthy. I was told he'd grow out of the colicky stage - which was true for my second baby, but it took 6 months! Success With Breastfeeding made me feel like my mommy intuition mattered and that quality of life for my little guy also mattered! It gave me the confidence I needed to keep going! Thank you!


With my first son, breastfeeding was painful and traumatizing and bottle feeding meant guzzled air and a distended belly. I was referred to SWB and Anne was a lifesaver. They talked to me about ties and getting the tie revision done has been a game changer for my son. He was able eat without gulping air and his tummy got better. For my second son, I had a prenatal visit and I am so grateful that I did. My son was in the NICU and because of my appointment with Anne, I knew that I could make decisions for myself and my baby and didn’t let them tell me I couldn’t nurse my new baby. SWB is a necessity for every baby, honestly!


I just had my 3rd baby! I didn’t need any help with lactation with my first two. However with my 3rd every time she nursed on my right side I would want to cry because it hurt so bad! I decided to schedule an appt with successwithbreastfeeding and I’m so glad I did! Sherri was so thorough and helped me change how I was holding my daughter. The pain instantly went away! They were able to get me a prescription to heal the sore my daughter had created! I’m so glad I met with them! She is now 3 months and still nursing like a champ without any pain! I recommend successwithbreastfeeding to all my friends who plan on breastfeeding!


I was ready to give up on breastfeeding as I was struggling for two weeks with my first. I finally found Sherri and although I didn’t have much hope (I was convinced it wasn’t going to happen for us) she turned everything around and taught me so much about latches, postions, nipple sheilds and so many other great tips I never knew when pregnant. I went on to breastfeed my son for almost two years, and when I had my second, I remembered all she taught me with my first and we are still going strong 20 months later. I always recommend Success with Breastfeeding to all my pregnant friends because of the amazing support these ladies offer ❤️ I’ll always be grateful for them as this was so important to me!


With my first baby, breastfeeding came so naturally and I never saw a lactation consultant. I never needed to. But with my second, nothing was working. I tried at the hospital so many times and he just wouldn’t latch. I was incredibly frustrated and I’m sure my baby could feel it, making it that much worse for both of us. I was referred to SWB and got in touch with Anne. She showed me a couple of techniques that changed everything for me. I’m not kidding when I say that within the first 10 minutes of the appointment my baby was successfully breastfeeding after a week and a half of misery! It felt like a freaking miracle. I will be forever grateful to her for completely changing my breastfeeding experience with my son.


As a young about to be new mom the idea of breastfeeding kind of freaked me out. A lot of conversations with success with breastfeeding helped me grasp the concept. However After a few days in the hospital my body was not getting the hang of it and I was so frustrated. Anne was there to save the day. She taught me a lot of tricks to help my body and my baby learn how to breastfeed. after my body and baby finally got the hang of it I kept getting mastitis and work schedule did not allow the proper time for pumping so my supply dwindled . I was so discouraged and felt a ton of mom guilt. Anne was soo helpful and supportive to help guide me to what was best for me and my baby. Over text, phone calls and in person she was always there. She reminded me over and over fed is best and that supplementing is ok. Although she helped me do everything I could to breastfeed she also did everything she could to make sure mentally and physically both me and my baby were ok. I don’t think words will ever describe how grateful I am for her. Thanks so much Anne!!!

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