Empowering Comfortable Feeding Journeys

Every baby deserves to feed comfortably. Our approach at Utah Breastfeeding & Tongue Tie Center is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to families on their feeding journey. Our team of lactation consultants and feeding specialists are committed to educating families with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed on their journey. 

 During the consultation we will do a full oral evaluation of both anatomy and function and provide a treatment plan that will involve oral exercises as well as any other necessary support techniques.

While it can be tricky, please bring baby hungry so we can observe a full feeding.


Our Services

Prenatal Consultation

30 minutes - $75

A prenatal consultation includes our online breastfeeding course which must be watched prior to your visit. Our online class teaches you how your body makes milk, how your baby breastfeeds, and how they work together. It covers latching techniques and positions as well as tips and tricks. It also discusses pumping and what to do for mastitis and plugged ducts. During the consultation, we can then individualize a care plan to discuss your unique needs. Even if you have breastfed before, a prenatal consultation will position you for success when your baby arrives.

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Breastfeeding/Lactation Consultation

We take most insurances and if we do not we can offer a self pay discount and a super bill that you can submit to your insurance personally to see if you qualify for reimbursement. 


Some insurances cover lactation at 100% click here to see if you qualify. 


Bottle Consultation

30 minutes - $75

Is bottle feeding difficult for your baby? If your baby leaks milk out the side, clicks, or chokes while feeding your baby may benefit from a bottle consultation. We will provide a care plan that may include bottle changes, formula changes, amount suggestions, and oral exercises. Please bring a bottle prepared to feed to your baby. This is a consult for parents that are not lactating.

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Pumping Consultation

45 minutes - $75

Navigating the world of pumps is overwhelming. Come in and try a variety of different pumps before you purchase one to make sure it is the right fit for you. Our IBCLC will help create an individualized plan for your needs, make sure you are using the correct flange size, as well as teach you tips and tricks for pumping success. If your insurance covers a pump please bring your insurance information and we can help you submit paperwork to get the pump covered. 

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remember momma

Take it one feeding at a time



" .... I cannot explain how much it helped me. My baby was born small and so breastfeeding was a little hard and we really wanted her to gain a lot of weight and with Sherri's help I was able to do that and now she is two months old she's great she's feeding super well and I'm just so happy that I was able to get that help and then I was able to see Sherri...."