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What is a Tongue Tie?

A tongue tie refers to the tongue's inability to have full range of motion.  This is caused by a tight/tethered frenulum under the tongue. 


Signs & Symptoms of Tongue Tie

Chronic Tension:

Neck tension

Tension Headaches



Airway Issues:

Sleep apnea

Mouth breathing

Enlarged Tonsils

Trouble Eating:

Pocketing food in cheek

Trouble with textures

Food falling out of mouth

Trouble Speaking:

Late speaking words

Speech fatigue

Trouble being understood

Trouble articulating certain sounds

Trouble Breast/Bottle Feeding:


Blisters on lips

Persistently shallow latch

Air swallowing

Fatigue with feedings

Unable to maintain latch

Spilling milk out of the sides of the lips

Painful nipples- cracks, compressed, blanching, blisters

Low weight gain/weight gain that declines after 12 weeks old


Meet Dr. Odion

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Successful Tongue Tie Release

Lactation / Myofunctional Therapy

Release Provider



Discovering you have a tongue tie can be a confusing thing.  The best course of treatment is to begin with oral myofunctional therapy/exercises to prepare your mouth for the release.  When our tongue is tethered we compensate with other muscles to function.  By retraining and strengthening your tongue and oral cavity you will be better prepared for the release.


We call the surgical procedure a “release”.  This is because the tension in the frenum, whether it is the upper/lower labial, lingual or buccal areas is truly released by the laser.  A CO2 laser is used to do the procedure.  The areas to be lasered are numbed prior.  Everyone in the room uses eye protection while the laser is in use.   The procedure is a quick one, usually only lasting a few minutes.  


This is the component that is most overlooked and so very crucial.   Having some sort of bodywork prior to the release and then a few times after is what we recommend.  Bodywork can be massage, chiropractic, craniosacral, or osteopathic manipulation.  Whatever works best for you.  Relieving the tension and releasing the fascia that has been so tight for so long is the goal.

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